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Throughout its lifetime, Anderson Baillie has always sought expertise from the industries in which it consults. This provides greater unity between the consultant and client and reduces the need for unnecessary learning curves as the consultant gets to grips with the client’s needs. This means an Anderson Baillie Consultant will have a client side background. They will understand your issues and internal pressures – they too have experienced them in the past. This means they will react to situations and anticipate pitfalls before they occur.

Having a client side background isn’t only good for management of the internal mechanisms of a client, it also means the consultant is technically competent to work with your products and services. They will understand your markets, your language or jargon and above all your prospect's needs and customer issues.

Case Studies
SAP Case Study - New Product Introduction ( - Click here to read this case study
Utilising Project methodology Anderson Baillie successfully managed all client and partner participation requirements and entire event logistics including pre-promotion activity, exhibitor stand, stage set and A/V requirements and support collateral.
BASF IT Services Case Study - Smarter Selling - Click here to read this case study
Anderson Baillie’s initial engagement with BASF IT Services was to develop a new positioning stance for the IT provider across its pan European territories.