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It seems that as business people we either refuse to produce what people want - pursuing the innovative option where profits may be higher, or our process of interpretation is not working.

In the past we had the excuse of production orientated perceptions - I like the idea so I'll build it. However, today, as business people we should be much smarter in our delivery of new product. The result, in stead of improving product development we have a confused and unhappy customer! Also the likelihood of a failed product line and a waste of CAPEX investment.

Information Void

It seems companies either refuse to integrate the process of product development through all areas of the business or create business pockets where information exchange is devoid. So everyone changes the specification that little bit as they feel they are adding a bit extra or have interpreted the brief differently.

Stop building it, they simply will not come unless it's what they want

That's why Anderson Baillie created its 'Product Transition Approach' to development, where products are developed through intelligent based research and then driven through the business without unnecessary change or amendment.

A framework to drive new product development

Put simply, it reduces the risk of product failure. It develops a pipeline for products and services before they have been released. Above all it is a framework through which to drive new product development to achieve consistency within the business.

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Do you relate to any of these business issues?

Each year 60% of the new product development budget is wasted because of launch failure
Focus groups seemed happy, but take up fell following initial success of the product
We are continually redeveloping the product because our customers ask for it
We need to implement education programmes to really explain the value of our products
We rarely have a differential now its all down to price
We need to think up more new products – where to we start
We do not have enough understanding of our markets to anticipate change
We haven’t the money to implement a huge business intelligence machine behind our R & D
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