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The intelligent profile is created through an individuals own actions, which in turn deliver vital information to you that may be used within the qualification and profiling process. These actions may be requesting a series of information booklets specifically about an evolving problem of their business. It may be a response to a recently conducted research campaign that is highly applicable to them and their business. In either way to obtain these, the enquirer is encourage to trade information back and forth to begin a profile building process which when in the hands of the sales person permits more accurate use of such techniques as Solution Selling, Miller Heiman or Executive Conversation.

Value statement recognition
Creation and documentation of the brand ‘essence’ for use in proposition development and corporate communications.

Inward and outward message conflict
Assessment of perceptions from message delivery via company communications and employees to determine conflict and consistency. Development of a ‘boiler plate’ for each of the business functions to manage the message delivery.

Competition brand analysis
Development of differential statements and ‘competition breaking’ messages. This will coincide with a full evaluation of your competitions brands and their efforts to maintain or develop them further.

Competition aggression and penetration
Assessment of competition intensity, messages and brand collateral, which may form a barrier to entry.

Brand Evaluation & New Market Perception Index
Assessment of brand collateral with new market prospects and key analysts to determine their perception of the brand without prior ‘leading’ information.

Target market gap analysis
A comprehensive review of target market dynamics, correlation to existing markets accessibility, product and service saturation, level of audience understanding and motivation to support organic growth plans. Consideration of new market development or international investments.

Cross sell and up-sell potential
A complete review of the product stable for each of the companies in line with current selling engagements and marketing promotions to determine ‘quick win’ cross sell and up-sell opportunities as well as more long-term cross fertilisation strategies.

Sales and Marketing Process integration
An assessment of each of the two functions with the aim to bring together each of the functions to complete an integrated sales and marketing function from a company specific aspect and from a reduced cost of sale or lead model.

Segmenting customers by net worth or value
A business intelligence review to establish the development of profile driven data warehouses and marts based upon network or value of a customer and market place to a business or business line. This will also be related to a campaign planning activities and provide recommendations as to how this may be exploited further in the call centre.

SMART (Sales cycle) Marketing planning and message analysis to market
A review of current marketing planning tools and efforts to map proposition development through to sales point. This will provide a clear and accurate review of total cost of sales from initial concept. Research levels will also be applied using what ever propensity modelling tools are available to reduce cost of sale and produce recommendations on how marketing planning using market research may be improved.

Customer profiling and the creation of intelligent lead generation
A though review of customer profiling tools and techniques to establish key models within the customer framework, attach revenue prospects against these and then from this formulate plans forward to improve demand generation techniques. This will be explored as far as cognitive profiling for the use of key account planning techniques in the selling process.

Customer research – unprompted index
A comprehensive and independent review of products, business, methods, image or competition conducted through an unprompted response index

Developing sales force effectiveness
Not to be confused with CRM SFA or sales force automation has one of the worst reputations for success through poor adoption and data use. A complete review will take place including the mapping of sales activity against the functionality of the system to determine failings in the initial buy to the tools set. Recommendations on workaround improvements as well as data use, acquisition and exploitation within the selling process, mapping of the selling process and tools to drive forecasting will also be made.

Development of Issues & Pains Matrix
For a given audience a complete and finite evaluation of specific issues and problems they have that are potentially and directly applicable to your products and services. This will assist in the development of a business issues sell not features from the very start of new market selling.

Proposition education

Promotion and brand management
Campaign planning and strategy formulation to maximise promotion effectiveness as well as brand value to assist in initial launch an long-term market development.

Development of sales orientated test bed pilot programmes

Sales force redevelopment and education
The development of a new market selling strategy, sales tools and thought leadership argument to encourage ‘early bird’ wins in the new market.

Reference capability
A comprehensive review of customer references and case material to be used in the development of sales tool kits as well as reference support

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