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Anderson Baillie re-launches "Intelligent Lead Development"
Monday 16 April 2007

Anderson Baillie Projects, the company that specialises in lead development programmes for IT and Technology companies, has today re-launched its Intelligent Lead Development (ILD) service.

Anderson Baillie understand that generating and developing credible business opportunities remains the single biggest challenge facing marketeers in support of their strategic sales teams.

Working in a 'smart' method, Anderson Baillie's ILD programmes work to achieve innovative and sustainable lead generation.

As part of the re-launch, Anderson Baillie are inviting companies to explore the benefits of an intelligent led approach to lead generation, by offering a free ILD Workshop - a one-to-one interactive forum, with Anderson Baillie's senior business consultants.  The workshop will examine current lead generation techniques and advise alternative approaches to achieve lead and sales quotas, delivering deeper levels of business intelligence to create longer term business opportunity development and account based marketing.

For further information, or to register for the ILD workshop, please call 01925 217250, or visit Anderson Baillie's website

About Anderson Baillie Projects

Anderson Baillie recognises that corporate marketers have always seen the need to outsource disparate marketing communications.  However, rather than focus on one specific area of the process, Anderson Baillie retain a broad perspective of the project, allowing a true mix of integrated solutions and the implementation of a 'joined-up' marketing strategy.

Anderson Baillie has developed its own specific methodology of strategic marketing and planning, through to full communications delivery, tightly integrating these solutions with the sales process.

Press Contacts
Tim Johnsonl at Anderson Baillie
tel +44 (0)1925 217250
mob +44 (0) 7713 166172

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