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Introducing service assurance
Sunday 05 June 2005

Anderson Baillie has been invited to help Intentia reposition its service, rental and maintenance software applications for the EMEA region. Previously designed for the AsiaPAC markets, the SR & M messaging and strategy will require further investigation and packaging to reflect the business issues and needs of northern European companies. This work will be at a sales and marketing level and will direct the future marketing activities for Intentia and their sales teams.

Case Studies
Bespak Case Study - Bespak - Making more of your contacts - Click here to read this case study
Anderson Baillie Business Growth working with IAS/Bespak
BT Case Study - Corporate future visions meeting today’s products - Click here to read this case study
BT has some of the most challenging visions for the future of our telecommunications environment.  Strategies making better use of their existing ‘hard wire’ infrastructure and linking this to forthcoming technologies.